I've labored with numerous Content Management Systems available (as well as built my very own at the appropriate interval). I understand what works well with me, consider I do not pay myself to create Content management systems sites, things i think matters quite little.

I understand CMS is not always one-size-fits-all so "Abc is the greatest!Inch is not likely to work. I am wishing to obtain some demographic connected information too.


  • CMS 1 is simple to build up in, but could be cumbersome for n00b admins.
  • CMS 2 is ideal for stay home moms to admin, but lacks all of the good plug ins.
  • CMS 3 I have heard advantages to this, but it is not the most popular.
  • etc

Many will state that this is very subjective, even though I'm able to agree, there's still a really GOOD answer available and I must have that answer from those who use CMS technology like a profession.

For those who have valued information you want to tell me, please bear in mind that there's a three-fold concentrate on a) The administration b) The end-user and c) The development using the administration (the main one usually spending the $$) being probably the most important to my question.

Thanks for giving your input.

The issue with this particular question is your 3 groups 1) administration 2) finish-user 3) development aren't nearly descriptive enough. If you want to judge a Content management systems you have to request "giving what?", "finish-user control over what?", "developing what?".


The very best tool I have seen for evaluating Cms is well composed user stories. Of these tales, begin with a crowd after which describe a goal.

Like a PHP developer, I am creating an internet site for any small realty company. They would like to publish their house entries for their website. However, in the past they keep these entries within an Stand out spreadsheet. They would like to upload their existing spreadsheet to write their entries towards the website. Additionally, they've static website content (company information, staff, etc.) that from time to time must be edited. I want an easy easy-to-use Content management systems that creates low-cost hosting that is shared will be able to also extend to handle submitted excel spreadsheets.

Like a marketing director, I am battling to handle our various online posting channels. Including our site, our mobile apple iphone application, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and our bi-weekly e-newsletter. Presently, whenever we create a news item we have to by hand mix publish exactly the same little bit of content across each posting funnel. I would like our Content management systems to assist us "create once" after which publish everywhere. It might be also ideal when the Content management systems permitted us to schedule this posting in a different way for every funnel.

Like a website administrator, there exists a large organization and a lot of content contributing factors. To handle all this there exists a content governance model which includes a hierarchy of contributing factors and editors who approve these content edits. Additionally, no content edit could be approved by its creator. All content edits should be examined by another person. Once approved, the alterations should be synced to the production atmosphere. This atmosphere involves a maximum of 10 web servers and a pair of distinct regional data locations. I would like a Content management systems that enables us to enforce our content governance model and simply deploy content changes.


You've labeled your question (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal), but I have seen user tales that will seriously challenge these CMS's. In some cases, they're an ideal fit. The "friendliness" of the Content management systems is subjective according to your needs and the kind of user-tales the Content management systems designers been on mind. WordPress, for example, is certainly easy, but it is also limited. Actually, it is not difficult since it is use-situation is really narrowly defined.

Anybody who'd answer this with something similar to "Drupal is easily the most friendly for designers" would scare me. This indicates a developer who has not been involved with many different diverse projects. However, if we are just giving opinions, only then do we get lots of user-friendly kudos for Sitefinity CMS.

Good luck.