Hi I am searching for a code/tool to create organizations instantly. I am not searching for an application like eclipselink which needs to be performed by hand, but instead a bit of code (or perhaps a maven wordpress plugin) that may be instantly run whenever the db changes. (Basically can autorun eclipselink via cron job, that will work with me.)

Another options:

  1. I believe Hibernate provides a reverse engineering method that may be known as from maven build that auto creates the organizations from db schemas. Does anybody includes a this type of tool for openjpa.

  2. Any command line utility in which you just specify the db web addresses and options and also the utility creates the organizations. I'm able to just write a cron to operate the utility nightly etc.

  3. Any software that may be known as instantly via cron, also it creates the entity will even do.

Update: OpenJPA Reverse mapping tool appears to actually suck at producing an effective entity with annotations, mapping and so forth... I'd be happy if a person remedied me

I doubt a fully automatized tool like this can exist &mdash due to the fact it cannot be achieved well without human intervention. Wouldso would, for instance, the formula choose which characteristics should be taken into consideration in equals() and hashCode()? Or new relations uni- or bidirectional? Lazy/eager loading? And so forth.

You may already know, yet others have noted, the various tools by itself exist, but they are rather meant to run once, tweak the end result, and use it to any extent further, instead of take part in a continous integration process.

Take a look at Reverse Mapping within the instructions. You are able to launch that from an ant task.