So, I am running an apache server on linux. Sometimes, Opera decides not to load the brand new version of the file once i edited it. For instance, at this time I've got a .js file wich is loaded dynamicly. It were built with a bug, wich I remedied (I checked with Chromium), however when the file is loaded in Opera, still it has got the bug! When searching in the response header from the ajax request, I begin to see the code from the file Prior to being transformed. But that code does not exist any longer... I'd this happen with CSS files too.

After I relabel the file to another thing, it loads the best stuff, but the moment I relabel it towards the old title, it begins loading a classic version from the file again!

  • I restarted apache2, but that did not change anything.
  • I checked for file permissions too, not a problem there so far as I possibly could tell (I transformed all files' permissions to rwxrwxrwx to be certain).
  • When being able to access with some other browser, it really works fine!

In the past cases, the following day approximately, the issue might have disappeared, however i can't always just stop for any day with what I am doing...

This really is triggered by browser cache,
you can look at to make use of url with version parameter,
increase the $version if you update a css/js