When I wish to setup a website within the site folder on my small Mac (running Snow Leopard) whether it's a PHP site I haven't any problem running it my localhost during my browser, but when it is a simple HTML site basically run it in localhost I've the 403 Forbidden message:


You do not have permission to gain access to /mysite/index.php about this server.

It's essentially trying to find the index.php as default page. I checked during my httpd.conf and also the DirectoryIndex is placed as index.html. I am a little confused now!

Any idea?

Thanks ahead of time.

A 403 error code means your browser cannot access the asked for URL. It may be triggered by many people reason: This is a record. Check every options. I believe you're going to get your solution

Have a look at here carefully.You need to take action

Perform a ls -al on mysite/ and appearance the file and also the folder are readable by you, like:

-rw-r--r--   1 yourusername  staff    111 11 Set 17:09 index.php

Otherwise chmod it

chmod 644 mysite/index.php

chmod 755 mysite/