Anybody have knowledge about DBShards? What exactly are your ideas? Good product?

dbShards is a superb product. The web site provides more details about it. But so far as sharding goes, I don't are conscious of every other items that provide what dbShards does. Full reliable-replication, much better than linear scaling and awesome support. To be able to do sharding right, you may need a good team, which is what you'll get with dbShards.

I've also used dbShards and would recommend it. You will find a couple of sharding items available, but dbShards appears to be the sole one that will provide the speed and also the reliability needed. It's application aware, so that you can really tweak the application to utilize it striking some pretty incredible write speeds.

Consequently, their customer care needs to be the best in the market. They work you to definitely make certain things are running smoothly, are available for support 24/7.

If you're searching for an item that's fast, reliable and scalable, then you definitely should try them out.