I discovered a function that can help me load a disk SQLite database to some memory database, but have discovered the module I want, apsw, does not support it, while pysqlite does. I want apsw since it has the majority of the functions I want that pysqlite doesn't. Can there be any deal with to totally copying to some database?

As singularity stated, APSW offers the backup functionality builtin to SQLite.

The main reason you cannot continue using cursors (in practise the actual SQLite put together claims) happens because the database schema has potentially completed transformed as you've overwritten it having a backup. You should use close techniques to pressure products closed.

For whatever reason many designers appear to deal with cursors like a precious commodity and try to reuse them and them around at each chance. Cursors are very lightweight, just a little more "heavy" than the usual Python integer. The actual SQLite put together claims tend to be more heavyweight but in the Python object level they're switch around for every statement performed. (ie an APSW cursor indicates the presently performing SQLite put together statement.)

BTW APSW includes a chance to dump the database. You should use the spend class to complete the meet your needs.


Disclosure: I'm the APSW author.

Look into the connection.backup() function