I've a current Access Database with forms and reviews. It was done in 2000. During the time of development it had been purely to place out fires and obtain something accomplished for individuals to start taking data inside a database format, run reviews and filter results.

I've no clue who produced it as being the individual has since left and left no traces of the items he did. I'm able to access the files, log the information and arrive at the code so there is no trouble with the integrity.

My question however is. Since that time exist better options to capture data inside a database that's readily available by having an easy interface and confirming feature like Access. I understand that you will find options like MSSQL, MySQL etc but shouldn't go lower that path being an interface still needs to be designed for your kind of DB anyway.

You will find various database management tools along the amount of Access listed at http://alternatives.rzero.com/db.html and Alternatives to Access. However , moving information is frequently simple enough in comparison to forms and code.

For those who have a current application that's working OK, although not well recorded etc, i quickly would stick to that. Comprehend the application, document it, and exercise future needs prior to trying to maneuver it to a different framework. You've some versatility with Access if it's working Suitable for the present customers.

  • You'll be able to use Access as a front end to SQL Server.
  • Access is trivial to make use of from just about all Home windows development tools. So if you want to write a brand new front-end you are able to progressively do that.
  • Access has different degree of integration with SharePoint. For straightforward programs (I'm not sure if yours is) many people are searching at SharePoint lists and sights. This isn't always the very best decision, but it's worth a glance.

VS Lightswitch may be worth searching at.

For those who have fairly easy CRUD needs for the data you could attempt moving to MS SQL Server and taking advantage of ASP.NET Dynamic Data to create an interface. Sql Server Reporting Services could then be employed to handle confirming needs. Microsoft provides some tools that will help you migrate data from MS Use of SQL Server. This could also provide you with a road to add custom functionality because the needs arise.

To grow a bit on adding functionality later. ASP.Internet technologies can live side by side inside the same application. So inside your situation you could begin by helping cover their Dynamic Data because the interface, then as needs arise, add custom ASP.Internet MVC forms for [some business reason] and perhaps expose a few of the data over WCF web-services for consumption by other programs. By doing this you are able to incrementally come to be your requirements with no heavy advanced budgeting.

"Since that time ...2000" ? I believe the later versions of Access tend to be better (2003-2010). By doing this that you can do upgrading rather than a conversion.

If you are attempting to avoid licenses for multiple customers, you will find methods to build the application (Still need one license) and distribute to others. They will not be able to produce things by themselves.

I'd split the applying into two files: A) Data Only (placed on shared drive) B) Application (create user copies to put on their own HD and connect to computer file). Came from here, you are able to cope with any performance issues when they show up.

Unless of course you will find other defects together with your application, you could do this this in a couple of days.

use sqlite

And check for connects, you will find many