I wish to introduce a Facebook-like "likes" system, for the reason that my people can click a like (or dislike) button also it rates the publish up or lower. A tally from the likes ought to be visible.

My first (and just) considered applying this really is to produce a new "likes" table during my MySQL database. However when I appreciate everyday websites for example Facebook and YouTube, who've vast amounts of likes its their videos, it appears resource consuming to possess a table that could contain that lots of records.

The dwelling on the table could be

id, post, value, user

What are the options to presenting a MySQL table for "likes" ?

What are the options to presenting a MySQL table for "likes" ?

You will find, but what exactly are you scared of? A mySQL table is among the most optimal forms to keep plenty of data in.

You could think about noSQL databases along with other types of data storage, but my wager is that you could easily stick to mySQL right now, and switch storage engines later when the project begins growing so massively you need to exceed relational databases.