What are the options to MS Access?


  • Portable Database file
  • Integrated form development for data entry
  • No producing necessary. Could be modified quickly.

Two more needs:

  • Readily available for Linux or Home windows
  • Doesn't have to become free

    EDIT: Emphasised Integrated form development for data entry because the top chosen solutions with this question, during the time of edit, both recommend an easy database system. The key reason why Access continues to be so difficult to exchange for straightforward department level CRUD (and much more) programs may be the integration of database, data entry forms and confirming tool. Simply suggesting a database does not answer the question as posed.

The one which includes OpenOffice may be what you are searching for, it's known as "Base" In my opinion: http://dba.openoffice.org

I chosen for zacherates because I love SQLite too, though.

Your choices appear to become:

  1. SQL Server Express. This was once known as the MSDE

  2. SQL Server Compact Edition.

  3. MySQL.

  4. SQLite.

  5. VistaDB.


I am modifying this to include really the only contender I have found: Kexi


I can not state that I have tried on the extender, however it appears like it is going to do all you want.

SQLite is definitely my option for lightweight databases, although it does not possess a form creator as it is only a database.

SQLite is excellent because:

  • It is simply a library to become known as because of your application, not really a server.
  • There is no configuration.
  • Your database is simply a file.

(... and you will use within memory databases for testing, for individuals hooked on unit tests :)

Possibly you skipped this Q &lifier A whenever you looked the website to have an response to this. You might find good quality options there too.

I have done lots of MS-Access development and from the form design perspective or Radical (rapid database integration) perspective it's unequalled.

However you should use MS-Access along with another Database Server that provides you with versatility in the future. My suggestion is always to use Sybase Advantage Database Server. I am a bit biased when i offer the product but you will find there's free Local server version that you should check out and then you are able to implement a complete client/server setup simply by altering the bond. Advantage DevZone

Within the situation that you employ another database engine you will probably be utilising ODBC for the connection type which Advantage supports together with JDBC, OLEDB, .Internet, PHP, etc.

FileMaker meets your needs, although it's not something which I would suggest for collaborative development.

I have used 4th Dimension previously. I'm not sure, however, whether it requires compilation - but it may be put together.

Nevertheless its design features are very friendly for me.

Take a look at Filemaker

There was once an incredible product for dos known as Q&A this grew to become http://www.lantica.com/ however i haven't checked out it because the dos version.

Alternatively do this wiki page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_office_suites you will find some tables of evaluations close to the bottom.

VistaDB may be the only alternative should you likely to run your site at hosting that is shared (the majority of them will not allow you to run your websites under Full Trust mode) as well as if you want simple x-copy deployment enabled website.

SQLite rocks !.