I recieve a mistake after i attempt to connect with my recently produced Oracle Lite database. However I can connect with the orabpel DB which was produced using the Oracle SOA install.

Listed here are the steps I required to produce it:

  1. Went: createdb polite db1 manager

  2. Result:

    Oracle Lite CREATEDB Version
    Copyright (c) 1997, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.
    Database C:\SOFTWARE\ORACLEAS\MOBILE\SDK\OLDB40\DB1.odb created (VolID = 1738).
  3. Went: validatedb polite db1

  4. Result: No errors found!

  5. Went: msql system/manager@jdbc:polite:db1

6: Result: [POL-3013] bad database or invalid password.

Any ideas?

Based on Oracle the mistake means:

POL-3013 Bad database or invalid password

Cause: The database unsuccessful to spread out a database or log file, or even the file header was corrupted. Possibly triggered while on an incorrect password to decrypt the database.

Action: Provide the correct password, look at your hard disk, or reboot the operating-system.

I'm not sure whether it helps, however i found an identical question by having an answer with an Oracle forum.

Unfamiliar with this specific DB, but I have seen challenges before in which a new DB permitted local although not remote accessibility default account. I needed to either produce a new user with remote access rights or add individuals rights towards the default user (clearly the particulars rely on your DB).

Vague, but Hopefully helps.