We've information within an Oracle db of type NCLOB, and I wish to remove newline figures. This, for instance, doesn't work:

MyNclobCell := REPLACE(MyNclobCell, '\n', '');

Have i got a solution below? Yes, yes I actually do!

Works out which i required to remove both newline (n, ascii: 10) and also the carriage return (r, ascii: 13) figures. To make use of my example above, the main one type of code grew to become two the following:

MyNclobCell := REPLACE(MyNclobCell, chr(10), '');
MyNclobCell := REPLACE(MyNclobCell, chr(13), '');

Then i experienced my NCLOB rows all in one line, and copied and pasted the contents right into a spreadsheet and handed them back towards the requestor, hooray!