Can someone indicate me some documentation regarding how to run the Oracle occasions ten database within an embedded mode inside a java application?

I must run occasions-ten like a alternative for HSQLDB.

Oracle doesn't so far as I understand come with an embedded way of Java programs. What you almost certainly want may be the Oracle JDBC driver to speak to a Oracle server "somewhere".

Another approach which can be valid for you personally, is running your code within the JVM running in many modern Oracle installations.

As the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g Overview mentions the term "embedded":

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a memory-enhanced relational database that enables programs using the instant responsiveness and incredibly high throughput needed by present day real-time businesses and industries for example telecom, capital marketplaces, and defense. Used within the application tier being an embedded or stand alone database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database works on databases that fit entirely in physical memory using standard SQL connects. Additionally, it may be utilized for an in-memory database cache for that Oracle database to boost the response some time and throughput of user programs.

I could not find apparent instructions within the product documentation. I'll allow you to search it much deeper :)