Can you really have same table title on different schema with various data around the tables inside the one database? I believe instead of create multiple database (that hold same table title) i ought to create multiple schema rather.

Something similar to:

Schema 1:

  table A, table B

Schema 2:

  table B, table X

PS: table B hold different data for every schema

And many fundamental question did every schema (user) hold different table set? In SQL Server and MySQL every user on same database have same table set, the main difference was just on roles, what about Oracle?


Yes you could do. A schema in Oracle is exactly what a MySQL user would call a database.

However, you have to be careful when being able to access either from the tables if the consumer you interact with towards the database instance can access both. To unambiguously reference a table inside a specific schema, use schema.table.

Here's the documentation on namespaces:

As jackrabbit states objects in various schemas have different namespaces.

Each schema within the database features its own namespaces for that objects it consists of. What this means is, for instance, that two tables in various schemas have been in different namespaces and may have a similar title.

Inside a schema situations are a bit more complex.

Because tables and sights have been in exactly the same namespace, a table along with a view within the same schema cannot have a similar title. However, tables and indexes have been in different namespaces. Therefore, a table as well as an index within the same schema can have a similar title.