I want outside assistance with vocabulary, I do not use Oracle that frequently however i am acquainted with MySQL and SQL Server.

I've a credit card applicatoin I have to upgrade and migrate, and area of the procedure to achieve that involves conveying for an XML file, permitting the installer to produce new database tables, then import towards the new database tables in the XML file.

In Oracle, my database connection identifies a username, password, as well as an SID.

Let us call the SID, "COMPANY-Applications". This SID consists of tables owned by several programs, as both versions connects having a different user ( "WIKIUSER", "BUGUSER", "TIMETRACKERUSER" ).

My real question is: Can One re-make use of the same user to produce the brand new tables ( with similar names ).

In MySQL or SQL Server, I'd produce a new database and grant my user rights to produce tables inside it.

OR, should i produce a new database user for my upgraded tables?

The term you're searching for is Schema in Oracle. Whenever you produce a user there is a schema connected together, therefore if I produced the consumer 'Tim' along with a table known as 'data' then it may be found globally (for the reason that database) as Tim.data