Generally I'm used to utilize Home windows, some days ago I began to utilize Oracle, I've knowledge about other DBMS like SQL and MySql and that i have labored together in Home windows.

Now i'm learning Oracle and I'm not sure by which OS oracle works more effectively. I've installed it in home windows although not in Linux. I additionally downloaded the Oracle Enterprise Linux that is an Linux OS for Oracle (similar with RedHat).

I wish to know if Oracle Enterprise Linux is the only person Linux OS where Oracle can be used or we are able to install Oracle even just in RedHat, Ubuntu etc.

And if someone practical knowledge with this particular problem please tell us by which OS Oracle works more effectively. I'm wrongly identified as this issue as well as an answer from the profesional DBA can be really useful for me personally.

Who will easily notice us which version of Oracle 11 is perfect for linux, since i wish to install Oracle on RedHat it will likely be good if someone tell me what's the Oracle version for Linux (redhat). Also it will likely be good basically possess some link where it shows step-by-step Oracle installation on redhat. Interesting answer. You assisted me to make a decision by which os to operate Oracle.

At our organization, we administer a large number of databases. They're split virtually 50/50 between Home windows servers and *nix (UNIX or Linux). Each of which are running significant programs (health insurance and financial industries). I guess it's dependent on personal preference (and certification costs!). You ought to be safe choosing either. Observe that Oracle Enterprise Linux is virtually a re-packed version of Red-colored Hat. If you wish to consider using a Red-colored Hat derivative out for cheap free, try CentOS. However, CentOS isn't formally based on Oracle.

In my opinion, the primary difficulties with Oracle on Home windows are due to Home windows file securing. For instance, when the database was running and also the documents for Oracle were locked by another process (i.e. personal files system backup agent), we have had occurrences in which the file is becoming corrupt.

Unix/Linux however does not appear to possess individuals issues (based on our DBA).

Generally, I have didn't have major difficulties with Oracle on the Home windows Platform if steps are come to ensure files aren't locked by other processes. We currently use RMAN to do online backup copies and exclude all Oracle documents in the file system backup. It's been very stable for more than 24 months now.

Here you are able to download the Oracle 11 instalation files for linux. 32 and bits can be found. RedHat is among the simplest distros for setting up oracle, but you will find some variations between your different versions of RedHat (and also the different versions of Fedora core too) so search for the best "step-by-stepInch document of you do not have any experience of the setup process.

Best Of Luck )

I have experienced Oracle installations on Home windows and Linux, these act as expected. Technically, you are able to install Oracle on nearly every version of Linux, but when you would like official support, you need to stay with Oracle's listing of supported distros.