I simply wanted to be aware what everyone consider this.
I've an application designed in Visual Fundamental .Internet as my front-end and and Oracle 11g Standart database because the back-finish. And So I have like 20 pc's running this application in your area. They are all placing, upgrading, removing data about this single database. I wish to create a solution within the situation the server database crashes or cannot remain on line. And so i think about getting oracle 10g XE on each pc. Thus all of the data is going to be saved from our db. I consider managing a proccess every now and then (ex. every fifteen minutes) to transmitOrobtain the data to/in the primary server. Exactly what do you consider this tactic?

This sounds somewhat terrible idea. Copying data in one database to a different is really a complex subject. The procedure you are explaining involves 20 duplications !

To become useful in case of an accident, additionally, you will require a two-way replication mechanism: the 20 clients continues to update their local DB. How can you cope with concurrent updates? The merging process alone with 20 databases will definitely cost a lot in assets it could have been cheaper to possess a attempted and examined professional DR (Disaster Recovery) process.

A genuine standby database however could be better to deploy, better to test, better to maintain and can are less expensive in assets. It is best to don't reinvent the wheel :)


Incidentally should you simply want a backup and recovery plan, copying the database isn't the solution. It is best to browse the online documentation about recovery:

I'd the "pleasure" of attempting to make exactly this kind of solution better quality on the SQL Server based POS system. As Vincent states, it is a complex process, fraught with inadvertent nightmare situations and hard to keep code (e.g., ugly DOS .softball bat files I needed to write). I would need to accept him it's a better quality solution to utilize a standby scenario.

Nevertheless, in case your client will not spring for an additional license (and that i do see their point) you appear to become stuck doing exactly this kind of factor. It is possible, but give your client realize that the homegrown replication system will probably be a pricey one, and can likely take quite a while to obtain the facial lines exercised. Additionally, it most likely will not scale well as the amount of online stores increases.