and so i have this site, that we did in wordpress -

let me result in the left sidebar have a listing of my top bands (19 or 20 is going to do). i would like these to be organized so as of the number of play counts they've (using api) using the greatest being at the very top. i additionally want each band to connect to a webpage inside the wordpress site. at this time, i've just made each band its very own page, and purchased them by hand. i am presuming that id need to write some php too, however really have no idea any, apart from just editing wordpress styles etc.

hopefully this really is obvious enough. thanks!

  • chris

I am the developer of PHP Lastfm API so I'll point you within the right direction with this bit.

Have a look only at that page within the documentation for any quick walkthrough with ways to get going while using API. You only have to use unauthenticated techniques you its not necessary to see all step four, only the first section.

The next step is to call the getTopArtists method within the user package to obtain back an assortment with a listing of the top artists. Have a look in the example incorporated within the PHP Lastfm API download to determine what i'm saying with this.

When you have the array you can easily loop through it and output the HTML you'll need.

I cant help an excessive amount of using the Wordpress stuff however i think you could do this some miracle having a single page and short codes:

Hope this can help you out of trouble a little, and remember to publish within the PHP Lastfm API group having a connect to any project in order to combine it with their email list around the project website:

Matt Oakes