We have presently a debate here about original domains versus generic domains in term of search engine optimization efficiency.

We mean by generic domains, domain names like :

- buy-hifi.com

- game-news.com

- easy-meet.com

We mean by original domains, domain names like :

- hifihot.com

- gamesmaniac.com

- lovein.com

Whatrrrs your opinion ? (really it's more a poll than the usual actual question but developments are welcome)

I recall reading through articles about AccuWeather on offer the opportunity to buy weather.com. They handed down it since it did not reflect their image, The Elements Funnel grabbed it later on, and AccuWeather wound up lamenting their decision. While a normal title will not sing your brand, along with a brand is essential, it's difficult to express what's best. I could not imagine generic domains for the likes of Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc., and so i suppose it is dependent. Such a lousy answer. What about this: both. Why don't you have both title types and provide redirection?