I'm getting an problem applying Sifr3 about this particular site and it is driving me nuts. Wishing someone will have the ability to assist me to:

http://client.missmonkee.com/agency-mobile LOGIN: client-login cl1entpassw0rd

Here at the very top right you can observe the navigation towards the site, in FF3 Win 7 / FF &lifier Safari MAC some menu products show 1 char on the seperate line towards the relaxation from the food selection. It appears as though there's a width around the li or something like that but I am 100% there is not and also the relaxation from the menu products are OK and display fine.

Something with regards to this may help answer this issue, is the fact that Sifr3 does doesn't work on ALL in IE7 WIN. I have checked previous solutions for this, being the trailing comma problem but I have triple checked and that i have no trailing commas.

Can anybody help about this please?

Thanks ahead of time

I have no idea much about sifr but ive used cufon extensivly recently and I have had only success by using it. It required me a couple of hrs to understand and also the output looks great. great mix-browser compatability too.