Can there be in whatever way to mix oscommerce with wordpress.Essentially i have to mix joomla, oscommerce and wordpress right into a single domain and employ a distinctive template for those.also i wish to introduce single sign up for the it feasible? help.

You can utilize wordpress for joomla which combines wordpress into joomla and installs like a component into joomla. Description using their site:

We’ve combined typically the most popular blogging service (WordPress) using the most widely used Content management systems (Joomla!) to produce probably the most effective blogging component available for Joomla!.

Presenting WordPress for Joomla!: a thrilling new component for Joomla! that combines WordPress to your blog!

Packed wonderful WordPress’s professional blogging tools (along with a couple of surprises of the!), now you can harness the energy of WordPress without ever departing Joomla!. It’s a Joomla! blogger’s new best friend.

For oscommerce integration there's this The josC! Project: osCommerce and Joomla Bridge project.Obtain a copy from here You will find plenty enough effective shop contractors for joomla and you'll look for them on JED