I am finding options for Google Application Engine for startup. The preconfigured service hosting include security, networking, scaling, database, backup, application, maturity and etc.. Because we now have no experts on each parts. It's way too hard operating whole service stack correctly for just one application programmer.

The other services can one consider with this?

The word you need to look for is PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service. I don't tell you they are a specialist within this nacent area, however my fundamental knowledge of the important thing gamers apart from Google Application Engine are:

  • Amazon . com AWS - My understanding is the fact that Amazon's Web Services provides you with bare-bones OS installs that you could completely own. Although this enables for additional configuration than Application Engine, this means you are well on the hook for patching security holes and more. (Right?)
  • Heroku - Application Engine type functionality, aside from Ruby
  • AppHarbor - Application Engine type functionality, aside from .Internet
  • Microsoft Azure - Amazon . com AWS type functionality, aside from Home windows/The Microsoft stack.

The CloudCamp honours 2011 can serve as a pleasant listing of PaaS services