Ok, and so i already hav found many posts that answer the question "How do you p-register jQuery from WordPress". But regrettably my issue is more complicated than that.

I'm while using Wordpress eCommerce wordpress plugin and also the wordpress plugin is signing up jQuery which conflicts using the primary sites use and registration of jQuery.

Does anybody know a means from functions.php to p-register the hook from wp_head() that's added by Wordpress eCommerce. I simply don't wish to perform a hackjob about this so I am searching to create this transformation modularly (e.g. include it in functions.php)

So far as I understand, latest Wordpress-ecommerce doesn't register jQuery itself, but utilizes a default jQuery out of your WordPress installation. This means that to alter the version of jQuery, you have to add you action handler to wp_head using the priority worth of 9 - it will likely be handled immediately after default jQuery is registered by Wordpress. So you'll have the ability to replace jQuery with a few other version.