I'm utilizing a .wordpress.com blog that need to get some custom page templates, I realize how crafting page templates, but, I do not learn how to obtain the template onto whatever.wordpress.com without FTP access!

EDIT: I'm not going styles, I have to essentially create a cost form, where customers choose options, and according to options the cost of the product increases, which cost is e-mailed towards the user. I kind of suspected I possibly could use page templates with this, but, I am available to suggestions.

You're virtually at a complete loss for that wordpress.com free feature. For full custom template options, you will have to host your personal word press site. Or else, select a good theme and personalize the css / etc, included in its 'premium' feature:


EDIT: side notes

Hosting plans are cheap anyway for wordpress blogs nowadays, LOL most major host enables so that it is pre-installed while you get your web-space. At less then US$10 monthly, it ain't that bad. Most likely cheaper then 'premium' with far more freedom. (=X unless of course you already got a very popular bog)

Furthermore, wordpress admin interface itself, has a built-in theme / file editor (should you host it by yourself). That enables you to definitely edit the theme / PHP / css files. Although it may lack syntax highlighting, that may be easily cured with plug-inches.

Install themeforest theme in wordpress.com (similar question)

You cannot install custom templates on the wordpress.com blog, only choose whatever can there be. You'll need your personal hosting to have the ability to install custom styles.