I've properly installed the 'paperclip' jewel v2.3.8 for my Ruby on Rails 3 application on my small Mac OS running "Snow Leopard" v1.6.5.

Things I discovered using 'paperclip' is an extremely strange factor: I discovered that running the command 'rails server' from Terminal, my RoR3 application is effective with 'paperclip', however it does not after i make use of the fundamental installing of apache from 'Snow Leopard'.

Within the second situation, likely to see logs within the 'Console Messages', I recieve this:

18/01/2011 16:50:52 org.apache.httpd[12972] [31mCould not find paperclip-2.3.8 in any of the sources[0m

How come it happen?! How you can solve this problem?

  • I'm using Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • I'm using Phusion Passenger
  • I'm using MacPorts
  • I've installed Image-Magick through MacPorts

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Have you forget to specify this jewel inside your Gemfile?