I've been running a site around the blogger platform within the last five years. I had been using a choice of hosting the website by myself server, posting via FTP. My server is running ColdFusion, and so i made the decision to make the most of that. I produced Coldfusion custom tags that provided additional functionality and incorporated individuals in lots of of may posts -- to become obvious, the body of my posts. Google made the decision to turn off use of this FTP posting option. I required that news being an excuse to maneuver to WordPress. Now I must determine how to handle all individuals ColdFusion tags during my posts.


Let me not loose the functionality supplied by the custom tags I've embedded into my posts. Initially my real question is what's the easiest method to add functionality to some PHP site using custom tags? My primary plan ended up being to try parsing the page to obtain the tags, then write a PHP class to essentially mimic the functionality which was supplied by the Coldfusion file. I'm not sure much about PHP, so I am unsure what tools or libraries are available to facilitate that. Or maybe it is simply a foolish idea. These aren't well created XML files, and so i need something fairly robust.


I personally use the next tag:

<cf_taglinks>Tag1, Tag2, Tag3</cf_taglinks> 

to develop a number of <a..>Tag#</a> elements that connect to technorati or whatever I decide (thus the advantage of getting a custom tag - super easy to alter actions). The answer with this problem could really have the ability to handle any link, therefore if I've got a <stackoverflowLink post="3944091"/> tag, I ought to have the ability to translate that into

<a href="" 
     target="_blank">Stackoverflow Question: 3944091</a>

At this time I am leaning for the Custom Tags library mentioned in this post because the answer. Among the best features is support for hidden or nested tags such as the code block below:

<ct:upper type="all">
    This text is transformed by the custom tag.<br />
    Using the default example all the characters should be made into uppercase characters.<br />
    Try changing the type attribute to 'ucwords' or 'ucfirst'.<br />
    <br />
        <strong>ct:lower</strong><br />
        THIS IS LOWERCASE TEXT TRANSFORMED BY THE ct:lower CUSTOM TAG even though it's inside the ct:upper tag.<br />
        <BR />

I recommend installing the zip file and searching with the good examples it consists of.