I wish to have the ability to browse the snacks from Apache's HTTP_COOKIE string after which add includes in line with the items in that string.

I have got this far:

<!--#set var="cookies" value="HTTP_COOKIE" -->
<p>COOKIES:  <!--#echo var="$cookies"--></p>

which provides us a string with the snacks inside it.

Now I wish to have the ability to parse the string for something similar to Name=Bob.

I decided to have the ability to do that:

<!--#if expr="$cookies = /Name=([a-zA-Z]+)/"-->
<p>Your name is <!--#echo var="$1"--></p>

However it does not appear to operate. What must i do -- or is not this possible?

This really is certainly possible -- begin to see the get_include_var purpose of mod_include.c.

Possibly your family expression needs some fine-tuning.