have you got any ideas, how you can compile pascal file (*.pas) around the server? Thanks.

You do not title server type, but Free pascal ( http://www.freepascal.org ) includes virtually every Linux distribution nowadays, too within the FreeBSD ports as well as on Mac OS X (x86+ppc + 64-little bit of both, via fink or stand alone .dmg installer).

For home windows and dos you will find normal all-in-one contractors at http://www.freepascal.org

If you would like more Delphi like Radical editing, you most likely want Lazarus ( http://Lazarus.freepascal.org , available too for that above platforms, aside from dos)

Solaris x86+sparc exist, but they are a little experimental.

If it's a home windows server, Delphi can also be possible, but free versions are challenging (if whatsoever) nowadays.

Pascal is fairly uncommon nowadays. Unless of course there is a reason behind the server to be, it will not. The apache tag here appears to point you mean a webserver. Webservers generally do not have Pascal compilers.

The GNU Pascal Compiler is known as gpc. It's built upon GCC, the most popular C compiler, as much as version 3.4. See http://www.gnu-pascal.de . Maybe you can handle to set up it, when the server comes with an old copy of GCC up for compatibility's sake.