Using Apache2 (2.2.12) / Passenger (2.2.9)..

Have 2 applications running.. One runs fine being produced mode another demands on finding yourself in development mode.

Have kicked mongrel into production mode and also the application works fine.. (script/server -e production)

Attempted the next without any result...

Forced the RailsEnv within the apache virtual host.

Forced the RailsEnv within the passenger.conf in /etc/apache2/mods-available

=> Although production may be the default mode I am unable to have it to make use of production

I suspect the problem is approximately apache / passenger (and never within the rails application)

Any ideas? or suggestions

This really is most likely because you've got a file inside your RAILS_ROOT meaning Passenger is running your Rails application like a Rack application, meaning you need to set RackEnv and never RailsEnv inside your apache configuration.

Thanks Jason.. set me on course.. Really needed to take away the to have it working.. Think the problem had related to the passenger version, since i have get it dealing with the on other servers (only diff may be the passenger version)