Hey all,
I'm attempting to make a factor whereby other programs you are able to print to some certain printer and python can get the information. Wouldso would Time passes about creating this? It would need to work in most programs, so it appears like a normal printer, and focus on Linux and Home windows, even when I must rewrite it for.

To recap: One opens a course and hits paper button. It raises the printer dialogue plus they choose the python printer, like every other printer. Once they accept, the python program which loaded the module (this can most likely be considered a module) will get the information the other application printed.

Most Linux distros (and OS X) and employ CUPS to complete printing nowadays. A CUPS backends for any specific printer is ultimately just an executable, which you'll get by anything you like. The CUPS project provides filter/backend API documentation. There also is available a minumum of one open-source CUPS virtual printer as CUPS-PDF, that might alllow for a helpful example to see.

Around the Home windows side I am afraid I can not assist you to.