I am developing a search form that shows just one user with respect to the exact match of the foremost and last names along with a member ID. I've the component spend setup using the form data seeing a custom controller in 'com_medsearch/remotes/search.php'. I have browse the lessons within the Joomla paperwork, but I am unsure how you can pass the information towards the model (com_medsearch/models/search.php) and also the query results to exactly the same view. Solutions?

This can be done two ways:

  1. You identify you had searching publish inside your controller then you definitely call your model as well as in the model you should use JRequest::getVar / getInt / etc to see your variables.
  2. You identify your research publish and browse your variables in the publish all inside your contoller function and pass it for your model.

Here's a good example for point 2:

$settings = JRequest::get( 'POST' );
$model = & $this->getModel('settings'); 

Then inside your model you have access to your publish variables like: