I'm using Jumi to incorporate numerous PHP scripts on Joomla! articles and delay pills work great. The issue I'm getting is by using passing variables (as $_GET parameters) to some PHP script.

Allows say I've got a script "index.php" and If only to pass through the $_GET[] parameter "var" with the need for "10". This could normally be accomplished by pointing to: index.php?var=10. How can "emulate" this functionality with Jumi? I had been wishing it might be as easy as:

{jumi [directory/index.php] [var=10]}

The above mentioned syntax however isn't correct.

Any input could be appreciated.

-- Nicholas

After a little learning from mistakes and guidance in the official Joomla! forums Used to do solve my problem. Instead of passing a genuine $_GET[] parameter you are able to pass a $jumi array and reference that.

I needed to prevent needing to rewrite a lot of my script what exactly Used to do was the next.

1) Result in the Jumi call such as this:

{jumi [directory/index.php] [value]}

2) In index.php:

    $_GET['PARAM_YOU_WANT_SET'] = $jumi[0];

This can be a quite simple illustration of a fast and simple method to emulate passing a $_GET[] parameter to some script using Jumi. This method saved me a lot of time because I did not need to rewrite my controller.

-- Nicholas