I am managing a C# program like a CGI script in Apache on Home windows, which works all right. However, I am now attempting to pass it query parameters, e.g.


I realize that my query parameters is going to be passed within the QUERY_STRING atmosphere variable, e.g.


What functions/classes in C# exist to parse these query parameters for me personally to ensure that I don't have to reinvent the wheel and get it done myself?

Take a look at System.Web.HttpRequest. InsInternet 3.5 it features a public constructor that can take personal files, URL, and query string. I have not used at all it inside a CGI process, however, you could most likely fake the file and URL. You'll be able to access the QueryString property the industry NameValueCollection.

You might go the reflection route and make a clear case of HttpValueCollection (internal to System.Web) the industry NameValueCollection.