I've got a MU site associated with Doctors and they'll be posting information which i cannot let outdoors sources and robots view.

It is possible to method in which when you attend the primary domain url, it shows a personOrmove login for Wordpress. I'd setup the consumerOrmove within the after sales. They would login, then have the ability to see the website? I can not get it stock up for anybody, I want the web site to become password protected to even see the website generally.

I understand I'm able to use .htaccess to possess a user/pass, but it might be ideal to make use of the consumerOrmove produced by Wordpress and so i do not have to wreck havoc on code after i produce a user.

Any help could be greatly appreciated.

This may be what you are searching for, although I have never really tried on the extender.

If you are into programming and designing WordPress styles (and wish to produce the solution yourself) add the next code to the peak of the functions.php file:

function private_blog() {
    if (!is_user_logged_in()) {

If you prefer a wordpress plugin solution, you will find plenty. Just perform a look for "wordpress private" and you will find a lot. Private Only is a that I have used effectively.