Increasingly more, I am seeing searches that does not only look for a substring inside a specific column, however they seem to search in most posts. A good example is within Amazon . com, where one can look for "Arnold" also it finds both movie Running Guy starring Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and also the Gund toy Arnold the Snoring Pig. I'm not sure exactly what the term is perfect for this kind of search (Wide search? Global search?), which bugs me. But things i actually want to know is what's the normal pattern for achieving this kind of search inside a QUICK way.

The apparent, and slow, method of doing it might be to find the substring "Arnold" within the title, "Arnold" within the author, "Arnold" within the description, etc.

The very first quick solution that involves thoughts are to keep a mapping for every word accustomed to describe an item towards the product itself, after which search that word mapping. That may be quick, but does not appear very space-efficient in my experience.

You will find most likely 100 ways to do this, most of which most likely don't make use of a database. But what's the norm?

I have carried this out previously by storing an XML version of products within an XML column within the table, then searching for the reason that column rather than others.

Maybe they are not storing the information how you expect.

They might, for instance, store all game titles, authors, explanations, and each other searchable area in a single table by having an attribute to differentiate the field's type.