I am getting intermittent Error 101 connection reset and Error 15 Socket Not Connected from the dev server after switching database motorists. The main reason appears to become the PDO Sqlsrv motorists I am attempting to use for connecting to some SQL Server 2005 database while using SQL Server 2008 R2 SQL Native Client.

My home windows event log shows this in Application Errors right during the time of each failure: :

Faulting application path: C:wampbinapacheapache2.2.17binhttpd.exe
Faulting module path: c:wampbinphpphp5.2.11extphp_pdo_sqlsrv_52_ts_vc6.dll

The server is Home windows Server 2008 R2 running Apache 2.2.17 from WAMPServer 2.1, the problem happens on PHP version 5.2.11 and 5.3.9. That old mssql driver labored fine on 5.2.11.

I acquired the most recent versions from the motorists from the official Sqlsrv driver project on codeplex. I am while using Thread Safe version from the motorists as I am using thread safe PHP. I confirmed thread safety is not the issue/ I made use of the VC6 version from the motorists with PHP 5.2.11 as my copy was put together with VC++ 6, and that i used the VC9 versions from the driver with 5.3.9 as it is put together with VC9.

What's the problem or how do i isolate it?

There's an up-to-date version that contributes support for SQL Server 2012, though I'm not sure if that can help.


Does the non-PDO version from the driver make the same problems?

It was apparently caused by the wrong server configuration. Re-installing the server on your own and taking advantage of PHP 5.3.9, Apache 2.2.21 and also the sqlsrv driver 2. labored with fresh copies from the php.ini and httpd.conf files. In my opinion I incorrectly replicated some configurations in the old server's configuration which triggered wonky behavior.