I'm focusing on personalising the joomla login module. I'm able to display the module inside a modal appear now. However when I click any link like 'forgotten password', or even the button 'Login', the appear window is going to be closed and go back to the primary page. I'm able to execute each one of these links within the same appear window and display the feedback on a single window too. thank you.

the javascript i made use of for overriding the login module is:

window.addEvent('domready', function() home windows to utilize a modal.

    a.setProperty('rel', '{size: {x: 450, y: 250}, ajaxOptions: {method: "post"}}');
    if (a.getProperty('href').contains('?')) {
        a.setProperty('href', a.getProperty('href')+'&tmpl=component');
    } else {
        a.setProperty('href', a.getProperty('href')+'?tmpl=component');


and also the login link: " class="login" title="">