I'm presently testing a couple of different relational database management systems. (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and Firebird SQL) utilizing a Java application to do this.

I had been discussing what tests I ought to go to distinguish the performances of every.

The apparent ones could be insert, select, delete and drop.

I would like to hear your thinking and also to get this to affect the question answer format I shall request for that 5 most suitable tests to point performace variations. In a perfect world I must mimic real word use.

Because of all who answer.

I believe that them would most likely be fine. However, your configuration from the different databases for what you're attempting to do could be different according to the application.

Recommended starting point: search for applications much like yours. See what they're using, if you're able to. Then start testing the various databases concentrating on the same designs and find out what matches your needs.

Personally I have used Oracle, MySql, and Postgres during the last 11 many they have all labored well. It is all inside your configuration, that is in which a good DBA is available in handy.

Test concurrency. Quite simply, what goes on under various securing situations? Ideally you want to test under as near to real life conditions as you possibly can, with multiple customers while using system because it was intended to be used. See my response to this SO question.

Listed here are the outcomes of the fairly extensive benchmarks of JPA companies and RDBMS's. You may either make use of the data they offer, or download their code and run it yourself.