I've the necessity to produce a database for many data I've, therefore i required a crack in internet marketing (while you would hope), and today I want help putting the finishing touches onto it! Are you able to assist me to normalize this?

I required an image from the design I produced in Stand out using fake data:

enter image description here

What you need to know is the fact that some games is going to be performed 5v5 plus some is going to be performed 3v3. Rather than adding posts for Team1P1, Team1P2, Team1P3, etc., I needed to depart up towards the experts that helped me to do that.

Question: According to my file parser, my application knows whether a game title has 6 gamers (3v3) or 10 (5v5). How do i structure the database to map individuals gamers to the overall game? Rather than attempting to put Player data in to the Games table, must i give a column in Players which indicates the Game ID ?

id player_id game_id etc...

Edit for clarification

Picture Sc2, or other RTS game performed online. When a game title begins, it's a completely new slate. A collection quantity of gamers enroll in a match (3v3 or 5v5) and play against one another. In the finish of the overall game, everybody has certain stat values (did they successful or unsuccessful? Just how much gold did they've? The number of kills, deaths, assists did they've?)

All these stats is specific to that particular player for the reason that game.

Basically play 2 games on that day, I may be like this:

id player_id stat1 stat2 stat3
1 100 500 600 700
2 100 300 999 2000

I'd make another table to map gamers and games.

I additionally notice you've stats within the player table.

It may be a better option the create another table for that player stats. By doing this you don't have to alter the table if you wish to then add other stat later on.

Table game_gamers:

game id // PK
player id // PK

Tables stats:

player id
type (e.g. stat1)

I mostly accept PeeHaa's answer, though I've got a handful of changes. First, To be sure the id fields both in the tables you intend, pr0tocol, are confusing since you might also need game_id and player_id fields. Only use individuals.

I additionally agree that you ought to possess a separate game_players table that consists exclusively of game_id and player_id and each of individuals fields combined would be the primary key on the table.

Personally i think your stats table ought to be keyed just like the game_players table. By doing this, not just are you currently monitoring every individual player's stats, however, you also be capable of report statistics for individual games.



game_id  |  game_length  |  game_mode  |  game_type  |  ranked


player_id  |  other player data - no stats in here


  key    |     key
game_id  |  player_id


  key    |     key
game_id  |  player_id  |  stat1  |  stat2  |  stat3  |  etc...

With such four tables, you can preserve tabs on all stats and have the ability to separate them based by player or game through whatever reviews you decide to write. It does not matter now the number of games a person player is designated to, becasue it is only area of the type in the appropriate tables.