I've designed a custom report generator for our database (Oracle Berkeley DB engine).
Now you have that i can increase the versatility and i'm in dilemma. Perform a partial or perhaps a fundamental redesign?

  1. Allows think that I have the time.
  2. I'm able to only browse the database, I not have the to modify it.

Inspired from Query Anything with SQLite article, I must let SQLite engine to complete the dirty work (grouping, blocking, etc).

Perhaps you have attempted it? Any good examples? How about performance issues?

It really works acceptable for things i am utilizing it :-) However avoid using it along with another database, just stand alone. There's a listing of Well-known Users of SQlite online.

You have to inform us much more about your usecase to create any speculations about performance, but I'd rather create a POC and measure performance http://stackoverflow.com/questions/888224/what-is-your-longest-held-programming-assumption-that-turned-out-to-be-incorrect/888766#888766

There's a pleasant quickstart article around the sqlite site.

Here's the C/C++ API Reference.

I suppose you need to have the ability to produce a temporary SQLite table by initially querying your other DB and placing the information in to the temporary SQLite table. You'll be able to use different querys on that temporary table to complete your grouping, blocking, etc.