help! I am really talking with this particular problem!

I've got a CGI perl script also it always fails in the following line when performed in the Apache HTTP server:

tie %db, 'MLDBM', "$data_path/$db_name.db", O_RDONLY, 0640 or die $!

and also the error is Permission refused:

Software error:

Permission refused at /var/www/cgi-bin/wealthy/pages/display line 381.

For help, please send mail towards the website owner (root@localhost), giving this error message and also the starting time and date from the error.

However when performed in the command line, it really works with no problem.

I've made certain the sites and also the file to tie possess the correct permissions.

What exactly else have I skipped? What designs within the Apache's httpd.conf I possibly could receive wrong? Of course, I did not have previous knowledge about the Apache HTTP server, making this virtually my very first time experimenting by using it. However, I've browse the manuals more often than once to search for a few things i might be wrong at, however i did not notice anything. However I might be wrong obviously.


Perhaps you have verified that $data_path and $db_name contain what you believe they are doing?

Is $data_path a complete path which isn't just a few the active user's identity or home directory?

Exactly what does ls -l $data_path/$db_name.db show for that file's possession and permissions?

I have never stumble upon (or heard about) anything in apache that will prevent a CGI process from getting permission to spread out files, and so i highly doubt it's an apache config problem. Probably it's either searching for the incorrect file or even the file's permissions are incorrect for that user that apache is running the CGI process as.