It is really an Apache / Perl problem that i'm getting.

I'm utilizing a CPAN Module during my perl CGI application. It's Spreadsheet::ParseExcel

I've installed the cpan module with tar.gz files.

I've installed the dependencies.

However, Used to do achieve this like a non-root user. The library that consists of these files is within user folder, /home/user/lib

Now, I've effectively set up Apache2 about this box. The html directory is /var/www/html and also the cgi folder is /var/www/html/cgi-bin. I've verified they work because all the scripts for the reason that folder that don't require special modules operate in my opera browser, ie. hello world, data dumps, simple forms.

However, after i attempt to run the scripts which use "Spreadsheet::ParseExcel", I recieve the mistake the module can't be present in @Corporation. However, I've got a "use lib" statement at the outset of the script that contributes the library.

The scripts could be run in PUTTY without problem. Only if running the script in the browser shall we be held obtaining the problem.

This web application was written on another box and works fine on that box. Because I developped there obviously. I put Apache2 on my small personal Ubuntu machine, and installed the net application and modules here, also it creates my local box.

I've set "chmod -R a+rx" towards the user library folder, and so i would believe that Apache can access the folder, unless of course the configurations from the parent directory is obstructing it? I do not have to run that around the /home/user folder, or worse, the /home folder, will i?

Any experience around the problem?

Thanks all for the time!

The Apache user cannot access /home/user/lib whether it does not need /home/user, even when the permissions on /home/user/lib would let it can get on.

For instance, should you own personal files in /root you'll still cannot can get on without having use of /root.

Two ideas here:

  1. What's the @Corporation it states within the error about missing modules, will it range from the path you added via use lib ?
  2. Does the consumer that Apache runs as get access to ezinearticles? Quite frequently home sites have permissions which deny traversal by other accounts. Look into the permissions in the module directory completely up, make certain o has at r-x at least for those sites and files for your module.