So... I finished a website on my small local server, and that i submitted it to my remote server.

Visiting the remote site yields an interior Server error. I believe there can be a problem using the .htaccess file. This is what it consists of:

Options All -Indexes  
Options +FollowSymlinks  
DirectoryIndex launcher.php  
IndexIgnore */*  
RewriteEngine ON  
RewriteRule ^(.*)\.less$ $1.css.php [nc]  
RewriteRule ^([A-Za-z]+)$ launcher.php?page=$1 [QSA,L]

Eventually, I attempted to debug the issue with the addition of # prior to the DirectoryIndex line to determine an amount happen. The end result:

403 Forbidden

You do not have permission to gain access to /site/ about this server.

That is puzzling, because all of the permissions appear to become ok... I double checked, the .htaccess file has octal 644.

What is leading to this problem? Thank you for any reactions ahead of time.

Because of the assistance SO customers, my problem was solved.

Apparently, Apache freaks out when the .htaccess file has permissions set to create, and so i could repair the problem by chmoding the whole directory and my way through it to 755.