I'm developing a site where anybody has the capacity to upvote and downvote content.

For that launch, If only not to pressure individuals to create accounts to be able to do that. However, without accounts, exactly what is a reliable method to ensure individuals don't election on a single content more often than once?

The techniques that I have checked out are ip based monitoring and cookie/session based monitoring.

Have problems. I'm focusing on a university campus, and thus many customers may potentially have a similar ip (through their dorm or apartment). Whereas snacks/periods are extremely easily exploitable when the user removes their periods as well as utilizes a script to election.

(As being a college campus, there's most likely many tech savvy students who may do that)

So far as technology goes, exist more reliable ways to do this?

You've very couple of options here. Snacks came to be just for this type of factor, but you may already know they may be erased or changed by individuals who understand how. If there have been a trusted, good way to do that, it might possess a appealing title and become well recorded all around the web.