I am presently attempting to develop a personal website to produce a presence on the internet personally. My plan's to incorporate content for example my resume, any projects which i did by myself and links to spread out source projects which i have led to, and so forth. However, I am unsure which approach could be better from the outlook during "advertising" myself, since that what this website does, especially since I'm a software developer.

Must I make use of an out-of-the-box system and extend it as being needed, with available modules and custom modules where needed or must i custom develop a site and every one of onpar gps when i need them? Does a custom site look better within the eyes of your interviewer who might visit my website?

I observed someone downmodded this, however i don't believe it is this type of bad one to tell the truth. I have considered this concept previously however i don't believe it's actually a wise decision for several reasons. First of all, you will find numerous places that can proper care of the majority of this without you requiring to complete the job or maintenance. Just registering for any linkedIn account for instance will help you to get much of your needs focused for in connection with this. You may create your resume there and bio information etc making it openly viewable. Another problem together with your "websiteInch is when you do not update it frequently, the data will get stale, and even worse, individuals have pointless to return because "nothing has transformed" - and that is very little of the advert for you personally could it be?

Since I have stated everything, I'll make another recommendation. Why don't you begin a blog rather?! If you have decent experience, why don't you share that. I'd be prepared to wager that this is the best advert for the abilities because:

  1. It certainly is up-to-date (should you publish frequently)
  2. It isn't like you are searching for work doing the work - however your (future) employer, or their designers will take a look anyway to obtain a better understanding of your character.
  3. Putting something in your resume does not mean it can be done. I am not to imply that you would lie regarding your abilities :-), there is however no argument regarding your ability when you are writing and submitting articles concerning the stuff, getting comments and feedback, and yet, learning Much More regarding your passions.

On top of that - you are able to run your site out of your selected domain as well as indicate your resume that's saved in linkedIn. Just a concept...

That's my two pennys worth on that - hope it will help you decide!

If you're a web-specific developer I'd opt for a custom site, but when you focus more about desktop programs or after sales technologies, I believe an as they are system could be fine.

Some tips about what Used to do (or am presently doing). First, make use of an as they are solution to start with. During my situation, I made use of BlogEngine.Internet, that was free and simple to setup. This enables me to place content on my small site as quickly as possible. Now, I could use BlogEngine.Internet, and skin my website allow it more personality or I'm able to start moving out my very own solution. However, I've not found essential yet that will produce grounds to spend your time building my very own solution. Chances are you most likely will not either.

I do not think it matters if your internet site is coldly utilizing a framework or any other "generic" solution. The question for you is "could it be done well, with taste?" If you work with an as they are solution, you need to take some time and give consideration to particulars when designing it just like you were creating it on your own.

Alternatively, if you are searching for an excellent chance to learn then one to invest lots of your spare time on -- write it yourself. But know that you're re-inventing the wheel, and embrace it.


A current publish from 37Signals, Gearheads do not get it, really covers a good thing about not concentrating on the technical particulars, but "content and community".