i have trouble with mod_primary menu. i wish to personalize primary menu on left side based on given html

  <li style=" background-color:#73B2DD;">Partnership and Grant Management</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#90C3E4;">Research, plicy and strategy analysis</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#73B2DD;">Program design, development and implementation</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#90C3E4;">Project Management - MIS design</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#73B2DD;">Governance and Institutional Development</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#90C3E4;">Training &amp; Capacity Building</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#73B2DD;">System Design, development and implementation</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#90C3E4;">Resource Mobilization</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#73B2DD;">Documentation</li>
  <li style=" background-color:#90C3E4;"></li>

so plz assist me to how you can personalize assistant.php in mod_mainmenu?

i'm by using this condition



bt how you can add <li></li> style based on html?

thanks ahead of time...

You need to first produce a template override for that mainmenu module. that method for you to edit the module output without hacking joomla. You'll be able to alter the override (default.php) based on your requirements.

Here a fast shot, but you will get i suppose:

$x = array['90C3E4','73B2DD'];
$node->addAttribute('style', 'background-color:<?php echo $x[++$i % 2]; ?>');