in asp.internet membership can you really alter the "userid" type from "uniqueidentifier" to "integer"? and just how to get it done?

The asp.internet membership userid data type is placed to uniqueidentifier within the table schema. You most likely don't want to test and alter the datatype from the column because then all the saved methods and also the sqlmembership provider would should also be transformed. But what you might do is produce a research table that will match an integer using the specified user id unique identifier. The research table might have 2 posts, one for that UserId in the asp.internet membership (datatype of uniqueidentifier) after which another column of type int that will provide you with your integer that you're searching for.

Before you proceed with this particular, you need to request the reason why you need an integer to begin with or will a uniqueidentifier do? If you're attempting to retrofit the asp.internet membership provider on the top of the existing database (where int can be used to recognize a person) a research table should work nicely.