I appear to become getting a very strange problem. I've got a single variable (string) where I'm storing some data. The moment the information saved for the reason that variable surpasses 2KB, Apache Seg problems and PHP returns a mistake 324.

I'm saving this during my session variable (ie. $_SESSION["my_index"]) and should not change that because of the character from the script.


CentOS 5 64bit. PHP 5.2.16 (Can't upgrade since 5.3 isn't based on ZendOptimizer). Zend Version 5.2.. Apache 2.2.3`

The only real factor httpd logs mention is: [Thu Apr 14 01:57:00 2011] [notice] child pid 22493 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)


EDIT: It appears like $_SESSION isn't the reason. I've attempted using another variable title that's not predefined by PHP and also the same error happens

Try creating a test situation so that you can crash PHP when running in CLI mode. After that you can compile PHP and run the script in GDB to produce a backtrace.