Wouldso would time passes about locating the mentioning url with either PHP or apache.

I understand about $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] that you simply cant use or trust.

I've discovered you will get it in javascript with document.referer

But when JS is disabled it will not work, I'd prefer to not use JS.

I've been trying to ascertain if that's the only method to get it done and investigated bit.ly, they don't use JS.

It is possible to method to use Apache logs to locate these details or any other programming language, completely baffled regarding the way i could possibly get this straightforward little bit of information.

Apache will log exactly the same information as you can see in $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']. Why is $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] hard to rely on -- during my understanding -- isn't that all user agents send the referer, that is something which Apache will not have the ability to circumvent either.