We are intending to create a web application on PHP &lifier Oracle (11gR2) on Apache and also the OS is RedHat AS5 update 3 (AS5.3) Linux. I must be aware of suggested versions of PHP and Apache for use for this type of setup. I have started to realize that PHP and Oracle provide the best performance when Apache is running in prefork mode. For the reason that situation, I might need to install Apache 1.3. Otherwise I might need to install Apache 2. but should make use of the default pre-fork MPM ("Multi-Processing Module") because most of the PHP extentions aren't considered to be thread-safe. So unsure if setting up Apache 1.3 or setting up Apache 2. in prefork mode is much better. Can anybody please provide your ideas about this? Also what ought to be the PHP version?

Thanks ahead of time!


  • Apache: Apache 2.2 outperforms 1.3 in essentially every way. Nevertheless, it is best to benchmark. Just avoid using a config file updated for just one version and expect results well for that other.
  • PHP: 5.3. There is no reason to not. Before I benchmarked, it had been no worse than 5.2 and in certain areas.
  • PHP &lifier Oracle: OCI8 and PDO_OCI really are a bitch to obtain put together and installed. Only a warning.

So, allow me to recap: benchmark, benchmark, benchmark.