I have got a lately setup server that is running Apache and PHP 5.3.9, every request designed to the server leads to a mistake within the error log file:

sh: line 0: cd: /root: Permission denied

The mistake is going on before any PHP code is performed so it should be something within the setup somewhere but it is a brand new box and it is managing a stock configuration.

An amount cause this error?


Running on Amazon . com Linux (EC2)

It should not be running any scripts, it's running PHP in mod_php mode, not CGI and also the error is going on before and PHP code is performed

Could seem like a script without executable privileges.

Knowing which script it's, you are able to provide the privileges by:

chmod +x /path/to/your/script.sh

As root or with sudo infront.


Searching agin, it appears much like your script is attempting to compact disc for your /root folder. Possibly the script operates by another user which doesn't have permission to compact disc to /root. Only root has that